Dog Walking

I offer a Dog Walking service in Glasgow, Clydebank, Knightswood and surrounding areas. Don’t spend your lunch-break rushing home (like myself), and walking your dog.

I will collect your pet, and with their doggie friends take them to the nature reserve, country parks and forests, give them a good quality walk, play with them, wipe them down and clean their paws and return them safely back home.  I will give them a feed (if requested), treats and fresh water.

I use environmentally friendly poo bags and will pick-up after your dog!

Your dog can be walked with other dogs if they want to socialise, or an individual walk if required. 

This is the pet room.

Pet Sitting

If you wish I can visit your pet (any animal) in their own home and let your pet in and out for the toilet, or clean their cage/tray and feed/water them. I will give them a cuddle or the attention they require. While there, I can check your house is safe and secure and even water your plants!

Luxury Pet Sitting

I can give your dog (other pet) a home-from-home while you are away. It will be a holiday for your pet with 24/7 attention, walks, play, cleaned, fed, water/milk and spoil them etc. They will stay in my customised pet-room, where they will sleep in comfy pet-beds or even on the leather couches! There will be no stress for them! If it is a weekend away or overnight that’s fine too!

I also have a nice safe garden to run around.
I can look after your pet while you are at work, they will not be lonely and they will get plenty walks and attention.

I will visit you for a consultation chat.