About Me

My name is Elaine Skelly and I live in Knightswood, Glasgow. I have taken early retirement from Local Government as I always wanted to start my own small business.  I love animals and would like my business to be offering a ‘Dog Walking and Luxury Pet Sitting’ service. I am a very caring, reliable and honest person who has always taken pride in my work.

Out for a walk.

I have a Disclosure and I am fully insured. I have attended Dog Behaviour classes and have always had pets throughout my life.

Every day when working in Local Government I would rush home to walk my dog Ellie every lunch-break, in 9 years I did not have a lunch-break to myself.  I felt guilty because I was clock-watching the whole walk so that I would not be late back, this was unfair on my dog and myself.  I also did not like putting Ellie in Boarding Kennels as she would be upset and was used to running about fields, and having a lot of attention from my family. I tried lots of different kennels but my dog seemed to be so upset every time, Ellie was used to freedom and attention. Kennels suit some dogs, but I would like to offer an alternative. I would have appreciated a ‘Dog Walking and Luxury Pet-sitting’ service while I was working or on holiday.  It is like a pet hotel! Each visitor will have their own room with luxury bedding and toys to play with.

I have trained in Holistic therapies and first aid.  These  have great advantages while looking after pets. I hope to offer clients a good quality ‘dog walking’ service that will be reliable and enjoyable for their pet and take a lot of the pressure away from the owner.  I can wash/rub down their pet with a towel afterwards if they require.

My Daughter Debbie is now fully trained with a Disclosure and is now working as a Self Employed Dog Walker within my Business. Debbie is a Business Graduate and has left full time work to join me as she loves working with animals and all of the dogs love her. My other daughter Sam is a professional photographer and is also working in the business, fully insured and trained. We are a family of animal lovers, both my daughters are loved deeply by all our doggies.

I offer luxury pet sitting at my home, we will take them out on day trips like they are a member of our family. I will be there for them 24/7 and they will be fed, given bottled water, walked, washed (if required) and generally spoiled the whole time they are with me. I even have a blow-up bed so that, in case any of the dogs are upset, I sleep in the same room to reassure them, if necessary!  It is like a pet hotel! Each visitor will have their own room with luxury bedding and toys to play with, as well as their own leather couch. I want your pet to enjoy their stay and be content. I will treat your pet like my own!